Guest posts on other blogs, little essays, interviews.

A little essay about Rainald Goetz for The Literary Hub

Introduction to Marianne Fritz with an excerpt of The Weight of Things at Verso’s Blog

6 Questions on Rainald Goetz with Scott Esposito at Conversational Reading

Matt Jakubowski interviews me at Berfrois about my book Aesthetics of Degradation

Eight Questions on Pere Gimferrer’s Fortuny with Scott Esposito

“From Catalan Poetry to Fortuny Gowns: an Interview with Pere Gimferrer” in World Literature Today

A conversation with Kate Zambreno about Marianne Fritz in The Believer

A review of Fiston Mwanza Mujila’s Tram 83 in Words Without Borders

 Alliteration in Pere Gimferrer’s Fortuny in Brouillon Journal

Interview with Manfredi Giffone, author of Un fatto umano, in Asymptote

“Na túa boca: on Translating Elvira Riveiro Tobío” in Words Without Borders

“New in Spanish: Germán Sierra’s Standards” in Words Without Borders

“Miquel de Palol’s Garden of Seven Twilights” in Words Without Borders

“Fact, Act, Phenomenon: on Translating Un fatto umano” in Words Without Borders

“The Espadrilles of Buenaventura Durruti: on Translating The Art of Flying.”

“An Exchange on the Books of Josef Winkler” with Bernard Banoun in The Quarterly Conversation

“Translation Notes” on Pere Gimferrer’s Alma Venus in Necessary Fiction

“On Translating Diego de San Pedro’s Cárcel de amor in Asymptote

A Review of John Keene’s Counternarratives in Music & Literature

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