My name is Adrian Nathan West. If you write to me, you can call me Nate. My book The Aesthetics of Degradation was published in 2016 by Repeater, and will soon be out from Merve in Germany and Leesmagazijn in the Netherlands. I am a frequent contributor to the Times Literary Supplement, the Washington Examiner, and the Literary Review, mainly reviewing fiction in translation; my essays, short fiction, and translations have also appeared in The New York Review of Books, McSweeney’s, The London Review of Books, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and many other journals in print and online. I have translated books from German, Catalan, Spanish, and French, as well as short pieces from Galician and Italian, by authors such as Josef Winkler, Pere Gimferrer, and Marianne Fritz. I also edit fiction in translation reviews for Review 31 and am a contributing editor at the online translation journal Asymptote. You can reach me on Twitter (@a_nathanwest) or via the contact form below.




5 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. He fet un cop d’ull a la teva pàgina, tot i que em costa Déu i ajuda llegir i entendre l’anglès, trobo que està molt i molt ben dissenyada…La fotografia és excel·lent! i el contingut promet força. He vist que també tradueixes del català a l’anglès, va bé saber-ho. Bon any 2020! Nil

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