As author:

The Aesthetics of Degradation (Repeater Books). Forthcoming in Dutch from Leesmagazijn and in German from Merve Verlag.

The Philosophy of a Visit (forthcoming).

My Father’s Diet (And Other Stories, forthcoming).

As translator:

Bini Adamczak, Yesterday Morning (MIT Press), forthcoming.

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Hermann Amborn, Law as Refuge of Anarchy (MIT Press).

Jean Améry, Charles Bovary, Country Doctor. Portrait of a Simple Man (NYRB Classics).

Juan Benet, The Construction of the Tower of Babel (Wakefield Press).

Antonio di Benedetto, Nest in the Bones (co-translator, Archipelago Books).

Hermann Burger, Brenner (Archipelago Books), forthcoming.

Alejo Carpentier, Explosion in a Cathedral (Penguin Classics), forthcoming.

Alejo Carpentier, The Lost Steps (Penguin Classics), forthcoming.

K. Ferrari, Like Flies From Afar (FSG/Cannongate).

Marianne Fritz, The Weight of Things (Dorothy/Verso).

Pere Gimferrer, Alma Venus (Antilever).

Pere Gimferrer, Fortuny (David R. Godine).

Pere Gimferrer, The Catalan Poems (Carcanet Press).

Pere Gimferrer, Selected Poems (NYR Poets), forthcoming.

Martí Gironell, Stars in His Eyes (Amazon Crossing).

Rainald Goetz, Insane (Fitzcarraldo Editions).

Rainald Goetz, Rave (Fitzcarraldo Editions).

Benjamin Labatut, When We Cease to Understand the World (Pushkin Press / NYRB).

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Sybille Lacan: A Father. Puzzle (MIT Press).

Hartmut Lange, Positive Nihilism: My Confrontation with Heidegger (MIT Press).

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Sergi Pàmies, The Art of Wearing a Trench Coat (Other Press, forthcoming).

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Josef Winkler, Natura Morta (Contra Mundum).

Josef Winkler, When the Time Comes (Contra Mundum).

Jorge Zepeda, Milena (Restless Books).